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1. Agreement
1.1. The use of this website is subject to the following Terms of Use. Upon starting to use the website, the user accepts their validity.
1.2. Our Private Policy and Terms and Conditions remain unaffected by the following arrangements.
2. Information on the website
2.1. All general information on our website is only provided as a guide for the user. General information are all information on the website except for information regarding services, prices and taxes. The user has to expect changes to general information at any time. Therefore he should contact the relevant institutions, embassies and tourist information offices to ensure the topicality of information on the website. We can not guarantee the timeliness of country-specific information, especially regarding requirements for passports, visas and immunization. The user is responsible for the compliance of the guidelines.
2.2. The information provided on this website, applies to citizens of Germany if they are in possession of a valid passport or identity card of this states.
2.3. If you are not a citizen as above mentioned or if you are a holder of a foreign passport, it is possible that you have to comply with other regulations. In this case, please contact your local consulate.
3. Use of the website
3.1. The website is for personal use only. It is prohibited to sell, transfer or pass travel information or other services provided on this website on to third parties. The use of the website applies to lawfully and contractually permitted guidelines particularly with the compliance of these Terms. Contractually in this context is the reservation and booking of services and any other legal use of installed features on the website.

In addition following guidelines apply:
a) The user is financially responsible for all actions performed on this website in his name or his user account, if the password, selected by the user has been entered.
b) The user must be at least 18 years old and contractually capable.
c) The user guarantees that provided information about his person or fellow travellers are genuine true.
d) The website must not be used for speculative purposes, false or fraudulent reservations, test and block bookings.
e) Any threat, coercion, defamation, and the transmission of pornographic, racist, ethnically or unlawful material in any way is expressly prohibited.
f) The website and its contents must not be modified, reproduced, sold, published or transmitted in any way. Permitted, however, is a single copy of the website for private, non-commercial use. This does not affect the right to store and print content which applies to legal terms, in particular contracts and General Terms and Conditions (GTC).
g) Files containing software or other material which are subject to industrial property rights, copyrights or rights of privacy must not be published, unless the user is entitled or has obtained the necessary permits.
h) It is prohibited to upload files that contain viruses, modified files (corrupted files) or software that may damage the computer function of third parties.
i) Allocations of the author, legal notices, copyrights or markings contained in uploaded files (software or other material), must not be deleted or distorted.
j) Goods or services must not be advertised or offered for sale. Polls, contests or chain letters may not be carried out or forwarded.
k) Access to the website is permitted only via this homepage. Access to other pages of the website requires previous written permission from us. Links must not be integrated into frames without a previous written permission from our side.
3.2. The conditions above also apply to all existing bulletin boards, chat rooms and other communication forums on this website. All existing forums are public and not private. All content of third parties in these forums are neither reviewed nor approved by us. We reserve the right to remove any content of forums that have been communicated or sent by users without notice. We reserve the exclusive right to deny access to this website or its components without further notice.
3.3. In case of a non-contractual, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use of the user´s website and its content, the user agrees to absolve us, all of our connected companies, affiliates and employees from any claims (including reasonable costs of legal action) by third parties upon the first request.
4. Privacy
  The data protection applies to our Privacy Statement.
5. Newsletter Service
5.1. We offer the opportunity to receive general information and specific information via newsletter according to your selected profile.
5.2. With the registration for the newsletter you agree that we will keep you informed about our general services and specific offers in accordance with your chosen profile. We assume no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information. There is no right for specific information.
5.3. You have the option to cancel the newsletter at any time on our website or via the link contained in every newsletter.
6. Blocking access
  We are entitled to block access to this website and/or online services at any time.
7. Software
7.1. Schmetterling Argema as well as our connected companies and affiliate companies are the owner of all rights regarding software provided on the website for download. The unauthorized use, duplication or disclosure of such software is explicitly prohibited. The software use may be subject to special licensing agreements and conditions. If such an agreement does not exist, the owner of the software grants the user a personal, non-transferable license that extends only to private use of software for access purposes, presentation and the contractual use of the website in accordance with these Terms of Use.
7.2. Any reproduction of software to any other server or disk for the purpose of further reproduction is explicitly prohibited. Any software available for download on this website represents a copyright protected product from us and our suppliers. The use of software is subject to terms of license agreement for end-users, which is attached to the software or included.("License Agreement"). The user may not install, copy or use software connected to a licence agreement unless the user agrees to the terms of license agreement.
7.3. For any software without a license agreement, we grant the user a personal, non-transferable license to use the software for the single purpose to use this website in agreement with these terms and conditions. By installing, copying or using software, the user agrees to all terms and conditions of this license.
7.4. The user must remember that all software, including but not limited to all HTML code, Active X controls and other script contained in this website, is owned by us and/or our suppliers and are trademarked and protected by international contract terms. The user is allowed to copy software only for purposes of backup or archiving. Any other reproduction or redistribution of this software is lawfully prohibited and may result in severe civil penalties and criminal prosecution. The user may not decompile or disassemble software or retrace software by reverse engineering.
7.5. Furthermore is the copying or reproduction of software on any other server or any other place for the purpose of other reproduction or more distribution is explicitly prohibited. A software guarantee occurs, if at all applicable, only in accordance with the conditions of the license agreement.
8. Links to other sites
8.1. The website contains hyperlinks that lead to websites of other providers. We have no influence on their design and content and therefore assume no responsibility for the accuracy, topicality, completeness and quality of information provided. The user contacts the relevant website operator directly should any concerns regarding these websites arise.
8.2. A liability for third party content is excluded as permitted by §§ 8 to 11 Teleservices Act (TDG).
9. Change Website
  We reserve the right to change our website or its content, especially regarding the selection of suppliers, features, information, databases or their contents.
10. Copyright and Trademarks
  Schmetterling Argema and our partners and/or suppliers are the owners of copyright and all other rights on this website and its content. All content is available exclusively to us or connected companies, partners and/or suppliers, unless the ownership of a third party is particularly marked. All names trademarks, logos and graphics on the website are owned by us and by associated companies, partners and/or suppliers, and are possibly protected by trademark. The user has no rights or licenses to use such marks.