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Deutsch: "tiefe Verknüpfung"
A Deeplink is a link / hyperlink which is not linked to a home page, but directly to a specific "deeper placed" subpage of an internet presence.
Exclusion of liability on a website:
Website disclaimer set the owner free of any responsibility for the placed links.
Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop is a function to control graphic user interfaces of computers by moving graphic elements with the cursor /mouse. An element such as an image or file can be pulled by the mouse button and dragged to a new position. This is also possible with a highlighted text or an icon of a file.
Meta–Tags are words written in the <head> of a HTML document. By visiting the website meta–tags are sent to the browser without being displayed. Only in the source text, the words are visible. The main purpose of meta-tags is to improve the searchablility of the World Wide Web or a single web site. Furthermore, meta-tags are useful to record explicit instructions on how to control search robots and search engines. Meta-Tags are defined und registered in the construction process by the owner of the website.
Source text
The source text, in other words source code, is a for humans readable programming language of a computer programme.
The browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Firefox) reads the source text and presents your website. With the button "View” the source text can be displayed separately.
By reducing detailed measures to a sequence of ordinal numbers, rankings make it possible to evaluate complex information according to certain criteria. Thus, for example, an Internet search engine may rank the pages it finds according to an estimation of their relevance, making it possible for the user quickly to select the pages they are likely to want to see.
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Affiliate program A – Z
Is an advertising partner, who promotes other companies on his website in form of links, search engines, banners, buttons and logos. Synonym: Publisher.
Is an internet marketing solution, where a commercial provider generally pays out a commission to his distributors. The product provider supplies his advertising material which can be used by the affiliate on his website or other channels (such as keyword advertising, email marketing) to promote the services of the cooperation-partner.
A system and technology of Schmetterling Argema and Schmetterling Reisen.
Affiliate programme operator
Describes the possibility of a marketing cooperation between a partner-programme-provider and an affiliate.
Tools to create promotional content with product lists.
Online Access
Access to an internet service or an online service. Usually associated with additional privileges such as the right to copy data on the computer.
System administrator in a network, which mostly contains all access authorisations.
Is a client of, who operates in an affiliate programme. Synonym: Affiliate - Programme Operator.
Number of completely displayed online advertising.
An application programme which the user can download via the internet and perform on his computer. Generally it is used in combination with the Java programming language.
Ad Server
An ad server is a special hardware / software unit to take out banner ads and to administrate and control them. An Ad Server is responsible for the online-advertising as well as to reach the user and to provide a resonance-analysis and overview of the success of a campaign.
Advertising space in an online publication. There are static banners with fixed 2D graphics and animated banners in .GIF format. Interactive banners are provided with a link to the website of the advertising operator. A banner is the typical advertising space on a website and is usually placed in the upper third of the page. Fullsize-banner of Schmetterling -Argema have the format 468x60 pixel, Halfsize-banner 234x60 pixel.
Is the HTML code for a banner, consisting of a graphic and a graphic integration, which can simply be inserted in the source code.
Ein Besucher ist ein Internet-User, der Ihre Seite besucht. Er wird auch als Unique Visitor (UV) bezeichnet. Ein UV erzeugt mehrere Einblendungen (Impressions) während der Dauer des Besuches, die als Session bezeichnet wird.
The total number of unique visitors on a website.
Describes a project.
Media agencies define advertising campaigns in briefings.
Software for navigating the World Wide Web. The most common browser in Europe is the Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Online Marketing: Advertising space with approximately one quarter the size of a standard banner with 468x60 pixel.
Small programme that reads out the dynamic functions of HTML pages.
Online talk in real time, works by typing messages via the keyboard - like Emailing only with an instant transmission.
Checkpoint (Chp)
Ein vom Merchant gesetzter Kontrollpunkt auf dessen Website, der vergütet wird, sobald der vermittelte Unique Visitor diesen überschreitet.
Click Amount
Total pay of all clicks in the relevant currency.
Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Dieser Wert gibt an, wie viele Impressions der Webmaster benötigt, um einen Unique Visitor zu erzeugen. Eine Click Through Rate von 1% bedeutet, dass von 100 Impressions (Einblendungen) der Banner, Buttons oder Textlinks einmal von einem Unique Visitor angeklickt wurde.
Cookies are small text files which are deposited by the web server on the hard disk of the visitor's computer. They often contain information on the duration of a visit and visited pages, as well as inputs and settings entered by the visitor.
Cost per Unique Visitor (CPC)
Online marketing: CPC or Ad-Click is an settlement procedure based on the actual clicks on an anvertising space by a unique visitor. The payment depends on the users response and not on the number of imported banners. .
Comission (COM)
The payment which is credited to your account for each transaction.
Conversion Rate (CR)
This shows the relationship between unique visitors and the resulting purchases.
CPM (Cost-per-Mille)
This is an indicator of media planning, which specifies the amount of money expended for advertising material (such as online - advertising) to reach 1000 people in one target group.
In the online area (for example banner advertising) the Ad-impression (click on the advertising media) is classified as contact.
Discussion forums
Websites, where you can consign written messages/questions/news and answers.
A domain is a name which is used in combination with the host name to identify the computer in the Internet. It is also part of the URL of a website, such as
Is an operation where data is copied from the internet to the hard disk of a computer.
E - Mail
Electronic mail delivery system
Frequently Asked Questions: A list of frequently asked questions in a newsgroup or on a website. Users get help to handle the website or forum.
The firewall supervises the current data flow and decides based on established rules, whether certain network packets pass through or not. This way the firewall protects the private network or network segment from unauthorized access.
A process developed by Netscape to separate the window of a browser in several activatable sectors. In these parts of the HTML page, other HTML pages can be displayed.
All frames are defined as a frameset.
File Transfer Protocol: A protocol which defines how files are loaded from one computer onto another. FTP also describes software, which is used in the internet, to load files from a client to a server and back.
Graphics Interchange Format: Standard format for graphic files on the internet
The main site of a provider in the World Wide Web which is linked to the remaining offers.
Is the placement of internet projects, which can usually and officially be accessed via the internet.
Hyper Text Markup Language is used to structure content such as texts, images and hyperlinks in documents. HTML documents are the basis of the World Wide Web and are displayed by a web browser.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-level protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. Its use for retrieving inter-linked resources led to the establishment of the World Wide Web.
Connection to another website or any element in an HTML document that can be activated by a mouseclick. Usually it is displayed in the browser window as an underlined and highlighted text.
Is an instant messaging programme from AOL.
Users can chat in real-time via the internet or send time-shifted messages.
Impressions (Imp)
Number of completely displayed online advertising.
Imp Amount
Earnings for delivered impressions.
The Internet Protocol (IP) is the technical basis of the internet. An IP address is the numeral identification number of each computer in the internet.
Integrated Service Digital Network: Digital system, common in Europa, which allows high transmission rates of voice or data through the telephone network.
A programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, which is independent of the operating system. Java allows the creation and transfer of very small self-performing programmes for any computer system.
Joint Photographic Experts Group is a norm, describing an image compression process.
To buy one or more products in an online shop.
Is a transaction defined by a merchant (including advertisers), for example the participation in a raffle, a new client registration or the abonnement of a newsletter, which is credited to the publisher (affiliate).
Lead Rate (LR)
Percentage of unique visitors, resulting in a contact.
Place in a hypertext document, which can be activated by a mouseclick and then another new document is being diplayed on screen.
Registration in a system, often combined with the entry of a user name and password.
Minimum amount
Also described as minimum payout rate: The amount of money when a payout is proceeded. Currently, the minimum rate at Schmetterling Argema is 25 euros.
Is a regular e-mail with current information.
Online marketing: Pop-up as an advertising format is a (smaller) window, which is displayed in addition when a website is opened.
Page Impression (PI)
Online marketing: Access of a website by the user. The number of PI / month is a criteria to determine the size of a website.
Marketing actions, that are payed-out success based.
Advertising partner, who promotes other companies on his website in form of links, search engines, banners, buttons and logos.
Synonym: Affiliate.
Source code
Text form of a programming language (including HTML). Click with your right mouse button on "View Source" and the source code of the website will be displayed.
Rich Media Banner
Online Marketing: Rich Media Banners are online advertising spaces. They consist of complex content instead of (animated) graphics. Technically, they are implemented by Java, JavaScript or Flash.
When an Advertiser sells a procuct he pays either a percentage or a fixed amount per transaction.
Sales Lag
Indicates the period (in days) between the first visit and the resulting purchase.
An affiliate programme is divided into several segments. Each affiliate programme has a main segment (General), for which you apply first. Later a merchant can transfer the Affiliates in other, non-public segments, with other rates. The current segment can be viewed in the menu "My Programmes".
The site ID is a specific ID of an affiliate website. The site ID appears automatically in the code for the graphic elements, if you apply for an affiliate programme. If more than one website is registered in one account, the different sites have different site ID's. Please note that there are different banner codes for various websites.
Each advertiser has different commisions (tariffs) in his affiliate programme. The advertiser can pay out leads and / or sales for unique visitors. You find the current tariffs by clicking menu "My Programmes".
Describes a service programme. In this case Schmetterling Argema offers their services.
Unique Visitor (UV)
Describes the technically reliable number of visitors on a website referred to the agreement. In that case the visitor clicks once on a website link of the affiliate. Afterwards a linked website of the advertiser appears on the clients browser. The uniqueness is determined by the exclusion of subsequent visits by the same visitor within a specified period on the same website (Page Impressions) and the exclusion of the elements, the same visitor has downloaded in this period(Hits).
Uniform Resource Locator; address where you can retrieve certain offers from the internet. URL also informs about the type of information.
Visitors on a website. The number of visits per month is a criteria to determine size and market potential of a website.
Your home page, where you present information, pictures, etc.
Advertising Media
Can be banners, buttons, text links, etc.