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1. Who can take part in the programme?
The participation in the Schmetterling Argema affiliate programme requires the legal age as well as the full contractual capability.
2. Which websites can participate in the programme?
Basically every website operator can participate in the Schmetterling Argema programme providing they agree to our General Terms & Conditions. In addition, the participant must be 18 years or over and be legally competent. The new partner guarantees that his website does not contain any display of violence, sexual content nor any discriminating, insulting or libellous statements and representations. Furthermore the partner guarantees that no abusive expressions regarding race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation and age are used on his website. Also he must ensure that the content of his site does not infringe rights of third parties, especially no patent, copyright, brand rights, commercial trademark or general personal rights. The new partner is not allowed to send spam e-mails (e-mailing people who do not have explicitly agreed to receiving these e-mails).
What is an affiliate programme?
An affiliate program is an internet-based distribution solution. The provider, in this case Schmetterling Argema pays its partner with success-oriented commission.
4. Is HTML knowledge necessary to become an affiliate partner?
All the links we provide, can simply be inserted in the internet pages by the copy / paste function. Partners without HTML knowledge are offered our Argema travel-shop. All you need is a domain name and memory space with an internet service provider. We are happy to assist you.
5. How much does the programme cost?
With Schmetterling Argema you have a choice of 3 affiliate programmes. In our free partner stage one, no fees accrue during the entire partnership. For prices of the other two stages, please refer to the specifications of the relevant stage.
6. Is the registration at Schmetterling Argema free of charge?
Yes, the participation in the affiliate programme is free.
7. How and in which form can links be integrated?
Almost all travel and reservation tools have completely been set up with the correct affiliate links for you. However, you can decide to limit travel offers to a certain airport or you can link to a specific holiday area. This can be done with our so-called deeplinkgenerator. It is used to separate your travel selection so you can specify what you want to offer to your customers. Every partner has access to his personal link samples in the secure partner admin area, where you can also find explanations on how to use the links.
8. Can I process the bookings with my own agency numbers?
9. How is the bookingsystem operating?
If a customer books on your website the reservation or inquiry is assigned to your customer number (PID). It makes no difference whether this reservation is made by phone, e-mail or is being booked through (instantly confirmed reservation) in one of the databases. Our Booking-Center attends to the customer and takes care of the booking process. Further you will be able to trace the status of all phone calls and reservations in your admin area and check the current status, 24h a day.
10. When is the commission / allowance paid out?
Commissions / allowances of 25.00 € and over are paid out to the account of the contractual partner in 14-day intervals, depending on the personal credit setting. (Beginning and the middle of the month). All actual departed travels are taken into account.
11. Is the income taxable?
As an independent businessman you must pay tax on your income. Employees, freelancers, students etc must proceed according to the valid tax laws and if necessary pay tax.

All income through Schmetterling Argema has to be declared along with your interest rates and other income and also is taxable. The tax office has to be notified of all income. Depending on the circumstances these could be tax-free. The final decision whether it is taxable or not is made by the tax office. For further details please contact your tax advisor or responsible tax office, as Argema is not allowed to provide legally binding information.
12. Can the affiliate programme be terminated?
Simply send an e-mail with your Login and e-mail address to: - reference: Termination of the affiliate contract. Then you will receive an e-mail confirmation. There is no applicable notice period.
13. Are there any mandatory information which have to be displayed on the homepage?
You find the mandatory information in your admin area under templates link. Furthermore it is an obligation to have an imprint on your homepage.
14. What does the imprint has to look like?

  • Name and address where the service provider is established, additionally with juristic persons,the legitimate leligible.
  • Information to allow a fast electronic contact and immediate communication, that means telephone     number and e-mail address.
  • As far as the teleservice is offered and requiring official licensing, the supervisory authority information is needed.
  • The commercial register, association register, partnership register or cooperative register where the service provider is registered, along with the relevant register number
  • In case the official supplier has a sales tax identification number according to the sales tax law of your country, the number has to be supplied.
15. Can I change my classification?
Yes, you can change to another partner stage at any time.
16. Do I have to achieve a minimum turnover?